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SMYK retail chain offers a wide range of toys, school accessories, books, multimedia, baby accessories as well as clothing and footwear for children from the birth to 14 years old. SMYK is Polish unique store chain where customers will find "everything under one roof" for their children. Apart from such worldwide-known brands as Fisher Price, Tiny Love, Barbie, Lego or Baby Born SMYK is offering its own renowned exclusive brands: COOL CLUB clothes and SMIKI toys. Understanding of the children's and their parents' needs enabled such a dynamic expansion of the SMYK chain.





Footwear available in SMYK stores is an excellent match for our seasonal clothing lines. A significant part of footwear sold in SMYK stores has "healthy feet" certificates, which confirms their high quality and adaptability to children's feet as they grow. Our COOL CLUB footwear range is also complimented with licensed character offer e.g. BARBIE, DISNEY, HOT WHEELS.




SMYK stores offer the widest range of toys on the Polish market, including plush, dolls, cars, games, imitation toys, building bricks, educational toys and baby toys. All toys comply with the highest safety standards and baby toys have all applicable approvals. Our toy range is prepared with children's passion and expectations in mind, which is exactly why SMYK is the first to introduce new, exciting and innovative toys on the market. Approximately 30% of SMYK's toy offer in stores is exclusive to SMYK stores on the market. SMYK is the leading toy store chain promoting learning through playing. Educational products are an important part of our offer.
SMIKI Based on our ever-increasing sales of toys and our deep understanding of children's needs and expectations, we have established the SMIKI brand, available exclusively in SMYK stores. SMIKI brand philosophy is to stimulate children's development by playing and having fun. SMIKI has been designed to introduce the little ones to a world of imagination and adventures. Independent play also inspires children to develop their logical thinking abilities, connect facts and enhance their social skills. SMIKI toys for babies are appreciated for their high quality. Parents can rest assured that their children are absolutely safe playing with SMIKI toys. The baby range includes toys stimulating logical thinking and introducing children into world of sounds and colors. Quality, education, fun and value are the key attributes associated with developing SMIKI product.



School supplies

BOOKS AND SCHOOL SUPPLIES Our range of school supplies, books and multimedia is an excellent supplement to our toy line. In today's world it would be hard to imagine a child can develop properly without a book. That is why SMYK stores carry books which parents read to their children almost from the moment of birth. Those books are designed specifically for kids and therefore include a series of beautifully illustrated fairytale books, stories and picture books. The offer is constantly complemented by the latest educational products.

MULTIMEDIA Our educational offer is accompanied by a multimedia products. SMYK stores carry a variety of the latest multimedia products: computer games and learning programs as well as multimedia dictionaries. Due to the ever-increasing popularity of computer education, kids are eager to learn on their PCs. Games and educational programs take children to virtual worlds of history, geography, math or spelling and let them use their spare time for sensible fun and leisure. Apart from typical multimedia products (PC games, learning programs, dictionaries, etc.) we also offer electronic games and educational laptops



Baby equipment

THE WIDEST RANGE SMYK is the leading chain of stores selling baby equipment. Young parents for many years now have been shopping for products for their newborn babies in SMYK stores. We offer everything what a baby needs: accessories, cosmetics, clothing, footwear, toys, baby carriages, cribs and car seats. The product range at SMYK stores perfectly fits to young moms' needs. Apart from equipment specifically designed for babies, we also carry accessories for breast-feeding moms and pregnant women.

SHOPPING CONVENIENCE Our highly-skilled staff always helps our customers to do shopping. You can set an individual consulting appointment with our Salesmen-Experts. Our stores are designed to make young mom's life easier: we provide areas for mothers with babies, feeding areas and playgrounds for older children.