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Spiele Max – a new concept within the SMYK GROUP


In addition to organic growth, the SMYK is also implementing plans for growth via acquisition of foreign chains with a similar profile and a well-established position.

In 2008 the SMYK Group acquired the leading German chain of 41 stores with children's products, Spiele Max. In this way the SMYK Group strengthened its position and became a key player on the German market Spiele Max has been present on the German market for over 25 years and has a very strong position on the market. The brand has high recognition, and Spiele Max is a leader in a large number of brands and products such as toys, prams, furniture and other equipment for children.
Purchase of the Spiele Max chain also represented the Group's entry into the "popular price" segment. The network of SMYK stores, synonymous with prestige and very high quality for the most demanding customers, was joined by a chain of markets with a very large collection of products for children, offering a wide range of products at attractive prices.

Expansion of the target group of customers of the SMYK Group in Germany has opened up new growth opportunities.

More info: http://www.spielemax.de