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    spiele-maxNew concept in SMYK Group

    In addition to organic growth, SMYK has never rejected any possibilities of dynamic expansion on foreign markets through acquisition of foreign chains with a similar profile and a well-established local position. As a result of this strategy, the company took over the German Spiele Max chain in 2008. Thanks to the acquisition of the 41 new stores, SMYK Group significantly strengthened its position in the region and became a key player on the German market.

    Spiele Max has been present on the German market for decades. It has a highexpansion-e1467209164985 recognition and a very strong position in this region. Spiele Max is a leader in retail sales of products for children, such as toys, prams or furniture for babies. Acquiring the Spiele Max chain, SMYK Group extended its portfolio with the brand of the “popular price” segment.

    The network of SMYK stores, synonymous with prestige and very high quality, for the most demanding customers, was joined by a popular chain of markets with a very large collection of products for children at attractive prices. The expansion of the target group of customers in Germany has opened new opportunities of development for SMYK Group.

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