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With the steady growth in the chain and a constant search for new ideas for even better-organized and better-stocked stores, the Smyk Group has begun to implement its new retail format: Smyk Megastore. Smyk Megastore is the youngest but most universal of all Smyk formats. They will be the largest Smyk locations, all on one level, with convenient access directly from the parking lot, with a clear arrangement of the store itself into departments. Smyk Megastore also offers the broadest product range of all Smyk formats. The new concept is perfect for large shopping malls in major urban areas, where the whole family can spend as much time as they like shopping, without hurrying or worrying about the kids. And above all, they will find what they are looking for. The first Smyk Megastore opened on 20 November 2010 at Park Handlowy Targówek shopping centre in Warsaw. Expansion plans call for more stores to open in this format over the next few years, in such locations as Cracow, Gdańsk, Silesia, Poznań and Wrocław.


The concept for Smyk Megastores first of all means a huge retail area — over 2,000 sq m. The Megastore principle is to access directly from the parking lot, without lifts or stairs: the stores are located on a single level, eliminating barriers like escalators for youngsters visiting Smyk for the first time when they are still in a stroller. The huge selection of products is thus combined with convenience and space, creating ideal conditions for a pleasant family shopping experience.




The huge space of Smyk Megastore is designed to make it easy to choose and buy products the customer needs. Shoppers will appreciate the wide, clearly marked aisles and the bright, friendly colour scheme. You can’t get lost at Smyk Megastore. Clear marking of the departments and the right lighting make shopping a breeze. Customers can count on assistance from highly qualified salespeople, because the staff at Smyk stores are always selected from among candidates with experience working with children.


Smyk Megastore means the largest range of products, toys and accessories in every category. Customers can find products that are hard to find anywhere else.


Special events

Smyk Megastores are not just retail locations, but also pleasant places with events where children can learn by playing. Practically every weekend the Megastore will feature special themed events combining fun with educational values, bringing joy not only to the children but also their caregivers.

Special areas

The Smyk Megastore format provides for areas where children can enjoy themselves with other youngsters and their parents. There is a playground for kids, with lots of accessories.

The “Mom and Kid” room is available to parents at any time, offering comfortable conditions for rest and infant feeding. An innovation for the Smyk chain is a special area equipped with upholstered car seats, where parents can try out installation and use of various types of children’s seats and boosters.


Smyk Megastore fully explores the concept of “a store within a store” that is already familiar to shoppers at smaller Smyk locations. The Megastore includes boutiques dedicated to the most famous and popular children’s brands, like Barbie, Mattel, Avent, Fisher-Price, Lego, Playmobil, Disney and Smiki. Educational and creative toys are found in a separate department, the “Imagination Centre”.


At Smyk Megastore Targówek, shoppers can find the biggest selection of products and accessories for children of any age.

More accessories

Smyk Megastore offers: over 140 models of baby carriages — dozens of them available exclusively at Smyk Megastore twice as many brands of car seats than ever before the chain’s largest selection of rockers, swings and hammocks nearly twice as large a selection of linens than in other Smyk stores over 25 different models of baby beds more than 25 models of feeding chairs a wide selection of beds for older children exclusive to Smyk Megastore

More fashion

Smyk Megastore is a true fashion house for children, with a huge selection of clothing and footwear, including the full range of Smyk’s own Cool Club brand for children up to age 14 as well as licensed products from such famous brands as Barbie, High School Musical, Winnie the Pooh, Fairies, and Star Wars: The Clone Wars.

More electronics

Smyk Megastore is the only place with such a wide selection of high-tech products designed for children, such as kids’ laptops, multimedia players (MP3 and MP4) and children’s cameras.

More fun

Never before has the “Imagination Centre” been so extensive, with the number and variety of products, the clear themes, and the expanded assortment of archaeology kits, jewellery, musical instruments, and microscopes.

Smyk Megastore means many new brands of traditional toys, stuffed animals, wooden or imitation adult accessories: Sylvanian Family, Theo Klein, Smoby, K’s Kids, Vileda, Anna Plush Club, Bosch, Stacyjkowo, Haba and National Geographic.

For the first time, Smyk Megastore will also feature brands offering toys for little pirates and soldiers, like Bakugan, Gormiti and Star Wars.

More games and racing

Smyk Megastore offers over 300 titles of various types of games, including educational games and family games, for children and adults. For fans of four-wheelers, big and small, there is a broad range of Hot Wheels and Welly collectors’ models, as well as the biggest racing selection from Carrera.